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                                 MISSING OR DAMAGE RENTAL EQUIPMENT

The customer is responsible for all of the equipment rented from the time it's delivered until

the time it is picked up. All rented items will be accounted for and checked by us before

leaving the site.There will be an added charge for any equipment that has been abused

beyond normal wear and tear.


We understand weather is unpredictable so in the event you need to cancel your order

with Fiesta Tent Rental, you will receive a full refund of your deposit providing notice is

received 5 DAYS prior to the scheduled event date. Otherwise the deposit will be

forfeited to Fiesta Tent Rental.


                                            CUSTOMER REQUIEREMENTS

We want you to have a pleasant experience with us. (No surprises) All of our pole tents

require a soft, flat level surface. (Grass, Sand, Dirt, Rocks) Pole Tents cannot be set up

on or over concrete or asphalt. The ropes and staking for a pole tent requires approx 4'

perimeter around all four sides of the tent. For example If your are renting a 20'x30' pole

tent.The amount of space needed would be 28'x38'.In preparation please clean the area

where the tent will be located. Lawn chairs, BBq's grills, patio furniture, Etc. Let us be

aware of any lines such as gas, electrical, sprinkler, plumbing, electric dog fence or

drainage.The customer is responsible for any damage underground caused by staking the

tent.. Feel free to decorate the tent. We just ask that prior to us coming you must clean the

area under the tent and remove all decorations and all tape from it.